30th of November 2019, Patch 0.1.1

Game is released and we're working on version 0.1.1

Update will include: xbox controller, new level and a little harder game.

24th of November 2019, Release in early access

8th of September 2019, Pipe run, a new level

A new platformish level of pipe running.

It's all coming together for the launch at Steam in no later than november.

13th of August 2019, A book of magic

A magic book as a part of the story.

No page system implemented yet. Maybe the game will have it, but I don't think its needed. The page you get I think is context driven. If George reads the book, it will 'sense' George's location and what's around.

The beginning, George finds himself in the book.

12th of August 2019, What about the story?

Been working on the story.

George is a ordinary guy, but he stumbles on a book that transforms him to a small (still ordinary) guy. He will meet exciting and strange characters and solve puzzles in his quest to get big again. To be continued...

8th of August 2019

A cover page to be featured on Steam

And some pictures of progress: